Grow Brings Results

“GROW has helped our team to stay focused on the areas of greatest potential financial success... And the result has been raising more money year over year.” - Catherine Meloy, President & CEO, Goodwill of Greater Washington

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A good idea, a talented individual, a non-profit serving its community…

Each one has potential and promise. Each has the opportunity to GROW.

In 2007 Grow was founded on the premise that there are many good people and causes that could benefit from the experience of professionals with expertise in growth strategies. Often, in the midst of day-to-day business, staff and leaders who are dedicated to worthy goals aren’t able to take time to cultivate and truly GROW their causes effectively. Strategy is left by the wayside, important fundraising and management principles are glossed over, staff burn out; it is difficult to see the forest through the trees. Or, sometimes the answer is apparent, but the staff capacity is not.

Grow can help.

Grow’s experience is rooted in fundraising, marketing, and evaluation and programming in the non-profit sector.  Consultants are available and selected on a project-by-project basis. Client needs are matched with consultants’ specific experience.